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The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy’s mission is to advance the art and science of homeopathy by encouraging research and scientific inquiry, educating the public about the merits of homeopathic healthcare, providing training of the highest standards and promoting the practice of homeopathy throughout the world.

COVID-19 Pandemic

A COVID-19 Update—Prevention of COVID-19 and treatment of the COVID-19 patient

American Institute of Homeopathy—October 16,...

A Homeopathic Perspective to the Chronic and Post-COVID-19 Syndromes

Please find below the webinar notes from the Joint American Homeopathic Conference Global Summit...

Case Management of the COVID-19 Patient with Genuine Homeopathy—An update

Please find below the full recording, the webinar notes and the repertorization of the different...

Practical and thorough teaching

"Everyone who practices homeopathy would greatly benefit from Dr. Saine’s practical and thorough teaching. His knowledge of and enthusiasm for homeopathy are contagious. The in-class patients really brought the teaching to life."
Louise Harvie, R.N.

Become a better prescriber

“Utilizing clear Hahnemannian principles, Dr. Saine portrays his thinking process clearly, allowing generously for questions and clarification by the students along the way. We attendees are the beneficiaries of his high motivation to help us be better prescribers.”
Nick Nossaman, M.D.

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